Consumer Alerts

We will post alerts of fraudulent activities consumers should watch out for. Fraudsters often use the names of reputable financial services companies in Canada in their scams.

April 11, 2016

Mystery shopper scam

Did you receive a text to be a mystery shopper or cheques that looked like they were issued by our company? It’s a scam.

August 31, 2012

Advance Fee Schemes

The names of reputable financial services companies in Canada and the United States continue to be used for fraudulent purposes. Individuals are contacted either by telephone or through classified ads and offered loans and mortgages at very low interest rates on the condition that an advance deposit or processing fee is sent by wire transfer. Applicants do not receive the promised loan offers or funds.

Empire Life has no knowledge or involvement in this matter and we believe it to be fraud.

Recently, these illegal scams have used the names:

  • Michelle Williams
  • Chris Wood
  • Chanel McGhan
  • Michelle Gilbert
  • Chris Adams
  • David Walter
  • Ricky Jones
  • Scott Benson

As well as the company names:

  • Empire Financial Group
  • Empire Life Group
  • Empire Financial
  • Empire Financial Services
  • Empire Private Trust

The Empire Life Insurance Company is not involved in these illegal acts.

If you are contacted with one of these fraudulent offers, please advise us by calling our Customer Service Unit at 1 800 561-1268 or by email at

We also recommend reporting any incident to the Phonebusters National Call Centre (PNCC).

  • Telephone: 1 888 495-8501 (toll-free in Canada and the USA)
  • Fax: 1 888 654-9426 (toll-free in Canada and the USA)
  • Telephone: 1 705 495-8501 (overseas and local)
  • E-mail: