Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a form of health insurance protection that provides a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a serious illness or condition covered by your insurance policy*.

Illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke can have an impact on you, your family or your business on an emotional and financial level. Critical illness coverage by Empire Life provides a lump sum payment, tax-free, if you are diagnosed with a covered condition*. This payment can help you pay for the treatment you need and cover expenses if you are unable to work.

Empire Life offers two critical illness insurance products:

Empire Life CI Protect - A simple, affordable solution for critical illness protection

  • Easy to understand product that covers four of the most common critical conditions that account for 88%** of the paid CI claims
  • Competitive premium rates make applying for this critical illness protection at the same time as you apply for life insurance very affordable
  • Built-in $1,000 death benefit payable if you die from any cause before becoming eligible for the critical illness benefit

Vital Link – A comprehensive critical illness protection solution that covers 23 critical conditions. It offers three plan types:

  • Vital Link 10
  • Vital Link 75
  • Vital Link 100

Other benefits include options to get some or all of your premium payments back should you never make a claim, and medical assistance services to help you through difficult times.

Critical illness insurance is a great choice for

  • Individuals worried about the financial impact of future health problems
  • Businesses that cannot afford to lose key employees due to an illness
  • High net worth clients looking to protect their retirement plans
  • Anyone wanting to protect their lifestyle

* Subject to the terms of your insurance contract
** Munich Re 2014 Individual Insurance Survey.