Value of Advice

When it comes to financial planning, today's investors have an overwhelming number of options to choose from. Navigating through these options requires financial knowledge and time, but most people have little of both. This is why an advisor can play an important role.

Your financial plan

An advisor has the expertise to help you build a plan to achieve your long-term goals. They can help you set realistic planning targets and stick to your plan, even when the markets take you on a rollercoaster ride.

The right type of investments

The right asset allocation is essential for long-term returns and an advisor has the expertise to select the right mix of investments to match your objectives.

They can also help you take advantage of the available investment vehicles to maximize your overall returns.  Do you maximize your RRSP, put money aside in your TFSA or a non-registered account? An advisor has the knowledge to create a plan that works best for you.

Confidence in your future

An advisor can help you meet your goals and prepare for unexpected life events and ultimately, help you feel more confident about your future.

Find out more about the value an advisor can add to your financial future, read the Value of Advice Report by the Investment Fund Institute of Canada.