As an owner or part-owner of a small business corporation, you have planning needs that your non-business owner counterparts do not have. From additional tax complexities, to concentrated asset positions, to the need to look after employees, your need for planning strategies and product solutions go beyond the every day.

At Empire Life, we are ready to help you as a business owner with those needs. In addition to strategies and product solutions available to owners of unincorporated businesses, whether they are small proprietors or partners, there are strategies and product solutions designed specifically for the corporate business owner.

Strategies for corporate business owners

  • Corporate insured annuities
  • Corporate insured retirement plans
  • Individual pension plans (IPPs)
  • Retirement compensation arrangements (RCAs)
  • Health and welfare trusts (HWTs)
  • Employee life and health trusts (ELHTs)
  • Estate freeze
  • Qualified small business corporation capital gains exemption usage/multiplication

Product solutions for corporate business owners

While all the product solutions available to individuals are also available to corporations, sometimes either the advantages or constraints around using any particular product or the tax treatment may vary.