Personal Legacy

The Legacy Builder Strategy allows you to optimize any excess capital or cash flow not required for your family's immediate needs and leave a much larger benefit for your heirs and your personal causes.

How the strategy works
The strategy leverages the strengths of permanent life insurance, including the immediate creation of a large, tax-free, estate benefit.

If you choose a policy that has a cash value component, the strategy may also use the tax-sheltered accumulation of cash value within an exempt policy.

Variations of the strategy
Consider these different approaches you can take with this strategy

  • Annuity Estate Maximizer: For the retired client with surplus pension income this solution provides a tax effective program to maximize bequests
  • Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) Estate Maximizer: For those with surplus retirement income and a desire to make a tax-free transfer of money to their beneficiaries using life insurance.
  • Income Shelter: For those who want to finance a future bequest from current savings, this solution tax shelters earnings and offers superior inheritance values

The other variation of this strategy benefits a registered charity as a Charitable Legacy.