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To obtain a quote for Empire Life Simplified 10 and Simplified 20 term life insurance, simply provide some details about yourself, select the product and enter the amount of coverage you want. A quote for the monthly or annual premium (price) will appear in the box below.

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† Quote is for the initial premium for Empire Life Simplified 10 or Simplified 20 term life insurance based on the gender, smoker status, age and coverage amount indicated and assumes you are in good health. Initial premiums are guaranteed for the first term only. Premiums increase at each renewal and are not guaranteed for a term until set by Empire Life, which will occur prior to each term.

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This quote is only for Empire Life Simplified 10 or Simplified 20 term life insurance. You may have other insurance needs and we recommend that you discuss your overall insurance needs with an advisor. This quote is based on the information provided and assumes you are in good health. It is not a guarantee or an offer of insurance. To purchase insurance, you will need to complete and submit an application for approval. If you are approved and purchase insurance, the premiums, terms, conditions and coverage amount will be as outlined in the insurance contract.

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Q3 2017 highlights (compared to Q3 2016)

  • 2.6% increase in common shareholders’ net income to $39.1 compared to $38.1
  • Earnings per share (basic and diluted) of $39.67 compared to $38.67
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(Kingston, ON – October 26, 2017) – The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire Life) (TSX: EML.PR.A) has declared a cash dividend on the Non-Cumulative Rate Reset Preferred Shares, Series 1, being $0.359375 per share to be paid on January 17, 2018 to shareholders of record on December 18, 2017. Empire Life advises that this dividend is an eligible dividend for the purposes of the Income Tax Act… more

(TORONTO, ON – October 23, 2017) - The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire Life) (TSX: EML.PR.A) is pleased to announce the launch of Class Plus 3.0 offering guaranteed retirement income for life.

Class Plus 2.1 is being closed to new contracts Friday October 20, 2017.


(Kingston, ON – September 12, 2017) – The Empire Life Insurance Company (“Empire Life” or “the Company”) (TSX: EML.PR.A) announced today that it intends to issue in Canada, by way of private placement, $200 million principal amount of subordinated… more

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