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Our story

Our story begins in 1923, when our founders chose the name The Empire Life Insurance Company to convey strength, security and life. Since then, our story has been one of steady growth and innovation.


Today, we are one of the top 10 life insurance companies in Canada*. We manage more than $18 billion in assets and have more than 600,000 customers. We are 100% Canadian and operate only in Canada so our focus is on understanding and meeting the financial needs of Canadians.  


Retirement and Savings Tool

2019 – Our new Retirement and Savings Tool goes live, helping Canadians plan and achieve their financial goals

2018 – Launch of No Load Purchase Option, Class Plus 3.0 global funds

2017 – Launch of a new online application for segregated funds

2016 – Our preferred shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange TSX (EML.PR.A) 

2015 – Canadians now have the ability to buy term insurance online directly from us at; our parent company, E-L Financial Corporation Limited increases their ownership share to 98.3%, solidifying their stake in our company 

2014 – New online life insurance application with full underwriting goes live

2012 – Empire Life Investments Inc., our wholly owned subsidiary begins selling mutual funds 

Head Office

2008 – We introduce Class Plus, a guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit product offering retirement income for life

2006 – We go back to our roots, changing our marketing name from Empire Financial Group to Empire Life

2002 – Amalgamation with Concordia Life Insurance Company

2000 – Assumption of a block of annuity and registered retirement income fund (RRIF) policies of Coopérants, Mutual Life Insurance Society


1997 – We acquire Colonia Life Insurance Company (later renamed Concordia Life Insurance Company)

1995 – Assumption of a block of deferred annuity policies of Allstate Life Insurance Company of Canada

1993 – We acquire the non-participating individual insurance policies of The Citadel Life Assurance Company

1992 – We acquire a block of group business of The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Henry N.R. Jackman on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1968 at the listing ceremony for E-L Financial Corporation

1987 – E-L Financial Corporation Limited brings together through merger and acquisition activities The Empire Life Insurance Company, The Montreal Life Insurance Company and the life insurance section of The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company; we adopt the marketing name Empire Financial Group

1970 – Life insurance business in-force grows to $1 billion

1968 – E-L Financial Corporation Limited is formed as holding company of Empire Life

1964 – We begin selling segregated funds

1957 – We begin selling employee benefits plans in Canada

Empire Life historic building in Kingston Ontario

1936 – After the merger with Mutual Relief Life Insurance Company, we move our Head Office from Toronto to Kingston, Ontario

1934 – We acquire the insurance portfolio of The Canadian Order of Odd Fellows 

1929 – Merger with The Commonwealth Life and Accident Insurance Company

1923 – The Empire Life Insurance Company is founded in Toronto, Ontario


*Based on total assets as reported in December 31, 2020 OSFI filings