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With so many companies to choose from, how do you decide which one will make you the best partner, when it comes to employee benefits?

At Empire Life, we offer:

Simple, straightforward, innovative products that you can trust

  • We're fussy when it comes to product design. We wrestle with the details, so we can offer you intelligent, easy to understand benefits that are fairly priced, competitive, and designed specifically for small to mid-sized business.

A personal touch, and a commitment to being easy to do business with

  • The pace of change in our lives, our industry, and in technology is relentless. We're change ready, continuously transforming how we do business to serve you better. Over the past two years, we've made sizeable investments in our people and processes, and continue to refine our ways of work so that we can consistently deliver on our promises.
  • Relationships matter. At Empire Life, we're accessible, friendly, and customer focused. Is it because we're headquartered in a smaller community, and we're not a large, impersonal company? Or is it just the nature of our people? Whatever the reason, customers and advisors tell us they love to experience a personal connection and talk with someone who knows them and their business.
  • Our integrated data system speeds installation, reporting, and innovation. We aren't hampered by outdated systems.

Specialization in small to mid-sized companies

  • We work with companies in all industries, which means we have breadth of expertise as well as depth.
  • We commit time and money to research efforts, to help us better understand the trends and pressures affecting your business so we can serve you better.