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At Empire Life, we are focused on helping you build your business by providing the right information and tools you will need to provide expert advice and service to your clients.

The Empire Life Sales, Tax, Estate Planning, Underwriting & Product (STEPUP) Team can give you a "step up" in your business by helping you:

  • outline comprehensive tax & estate planning alternatives for your clients;
  • focus on high net worth clients, complex cases, business owners and professionals;
  • work with your client’s other professional advisors on tax issues;
  • increase case placement success; and
  • ultimately add value to your client relationships

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Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning

In our complex world today, there can be multiple documents and agreements as part of an estate plan and it is best carried out through informed advice from a broad array of legal, tax and financial professionals.

Our team of practicing professionals provide support to select advisors in all regions where Empire Life has a strong presence with:

  • advanced concepts;
  • case consultation;
  • large case illustration;
  • tax and estate planning;
  • actuarial and underwriting support.

 Contact your Account Manager for more information on the team’s services

  • Having the right tools includes providing product quotations to your clients using Envision, available from our Software Downloads page.
  • You can also provide life or term certain annuity quotations directly from our website. Click here to Get An Annuity Quote.

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