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An antivirus software called Kaspersky Security falsely thinks some of our Envision Illustrator Software files are malicious or infected, which can cause problems when installing and running Envision. If you use Kaspersky antivirus and are having these issues, we suggest you add it to the program’s whitelist/exclusions list, or check out their support section for help. If you contact them, mention this: “I use Envision Illustration software from Empire Life, and Kaspersky is falsely marking it as a virus. Please help me whitelist it."

Our Digital Support team ( or 1 866 894-6182) is available to help, but please be advised it can take up to an hour to walk you through the steps.


ADDCALC.NET for both Envision (desktop) and eVision Insurance Illustrator™ (web)

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all software downloads are self-extracting!

To download, double-click on the text below the icon and choose "Save this program to disk". Note the computer directory that you will be saving the file to. On completion of the download, double click on the saved file to start the installation.

ADDCALC.NET Release Notes

Click here to view the PDF Release Notes for ADDCALC.NET (04/2019)

ADDCALC.NET for both Envision (desktop) and eVision Insurance Illustrator (web)

ADDCALC.NET is a leading software package for illustrating life insurance-based solutions to any number of financial concerns, including estate planning, charitable giving, retirement planning, pension maximization and corporate insurance.

ADDCALC is developed by Vortex Business Software Corporation and is licensed to life insurance companies, securities firms, mutual fund dealerships, banks, and trust companies.

ADDCALC.NET concepts are now supported for EstateMax (Participating Whole Life) and Optimax Wealth (Participating Whole Life).

NOTE: You must have a current version of  Life Illustrator prior to downloading and installing this program or click here to access our NEW eVision Insurance Illustrator


ADDCALC.NET Full Install (181 MB)

ADDCALC.NET is supported for  Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

ADDCALC.NET uses the Microsoft .NET Framework. The installation routine will automatically install this program if it is not already on your computer.  

[Posted 26 June 2020]