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This Contact Partner cleanup program will not affect your Contact Partner client information, your custom notes or reports in any way. It's purpose is only to reset specific values to zero, on policies that meet certain criteria. The values being reset are no longer valid, and you will no longer receive updates going forward.

Please Note: For those running Contact Partner in a networked environment (where you access a shared Contact Partner database on a server, from your computer), only one person needs to run this Cleanup Program, which can be done from their computer. This is the same as is done when importing the weekly data download. The Cleanup Program does not need to be run multiple times for the same database from each computer in the office, if you access only one Contact Partner database.

The exception is if more than one Contact Partner database is accessed, in which case the Cleanup Program must be run for each database. This applies to all situations, whether your databases are installed and used only by you on your own computer, or whether they are accessed in a shared environment.

Please complete the instructions below to run the Contact Partner Database Cleanup Program (Note: It is important that these steps be done before you run and import your weekly or daily Contact Partner download into your Contact Partner database):

  1. Click the setup.exe file at the bottom of this page.
  2. Please choose one of the following options:

  3. a) Run option:
    i) Click the Run button.
    ii) If a warning message appears about the file click to allow it to run.
    iii) The file will install to a folder on your computer (C:\Envision\Client Database).

    b) Save option:
    i) Click the Save button and save the file to your Desktop.
    ii) Minimize your email program.
    iii) Locate the downloaded setup.exe file on your Desktop and double click on it.
    iv) The file will install to a folder on your computer (C:\Envision\Client Database).

  4. Next, double click the folder Client Database.
  5. Open Windows Explore (by right clicking the Start button and clicking Explore), or open My Computer from your desktop, and double click the folder Envision on your local C: drive.
  6. Next, double click the folder Client Database.
  7. Double click on the file Cleanup_DB.exe
  8. A window will appear containing a path to your Contact Partner database file. That path is generally the default path where Contact Partner files are stored. If, however, your database file is in a different folder, or your database file name is different than the default name (which is vision.mdb), you can change the path and name by either typing in the path and name manually, or by clicking the button to the right of the field (it has three small dashes "---" in it), and locating the folder and name that way.
  9. Click OK once you are ready for the cleanup program to run.
  10. A message will appear once the program is done, click OK to close that message box.
  11. You can now run and import your weekly Contact Partner data download.

If you have questions, or require assistance, please email or contact:

Randy Maddocks
Empire Life
(613) 548-1890 extension 3314

Downoad file:

Setup.exe (390KB)

[Posted 16 September 2013]