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Become more knowledgeable so you can better meet the needs of your clients and help them achieve their financial goals.

Disruptions, Distractions and Direction

This session will look at the changing needs, expectations and social behaviours that are impacting the customer-advisor relationship. It will explore the disruptions and distractions facing business practices to provide insight into the direction of the financial advisory business. CE credits offer expires November 23, 2020.

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New and Classic Strategies Using Additional Deposit Option – Part 2

Charitable Giving and Immediate Financing Arrangement

This session will explore a new and creative way to double up on donations and maximize the use of life insurance to multiply the gifts donors are interested in making. It will close with answers to  immediate financing arrangements generally and product applications aside from charitable giving. CE credit offer expires October 23, 2020.

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New and Classic Strategies Using Additional Deposit Option – Part 1

Watch David Thomas provide an overview of the Corporate Legacy Builder – one of our top performing life insurance strategies and an industry favourite – and learn ways to optimize this strategy with ADO.  CE credit offer expires September 30, 2020.

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Sequence of Returns Risk and Retirement Income

Join Peter Wouters as he takes a timely look at some of the risks investors face in their retirement, including how sequence of returns risk can disrupt an otherwise well put together retirement plan. Peter will explore strategies you can use to help pre-retirees and retirees avoid this and other retirement income risks. 


Succeeding in a Digital and Non-Face-to-Face World

Watch Peter Wouters as he discusses strategies on how to succeed in a non-face-to-face environment as an advisor.

The session closes with David Thomas providing a summary of the Canadian government’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Act and how advisors can help their clients through it.

Why segregated funds: Canadians want guarantees

We all know what segregated funds are but may be missing the why and how they may be incorporated into clients’ portfolios. Now, more than ever, segregated funds may help your clients cope with market volatility and give them peace of mind.

Insurance strategies for a successful 2020

J. David Thomas, Director Advanced Sales and Marketing for Life Insurance, takes you through an informative overview of three popular insurance sales concepts to help build your business. The goal for the session is to demonstrate how these concepts can propel your business to the next level in 2020!

Short Term Focus; Long Term View

Join Peter Wouters as he discusses the importance of putting the right kind of focus and attention to saving and investing money at the beginning of the year.

Repositioning Corporate Assets

Join J. David Thomas as he discusses the passive income tax rules for private corporations that were introduced in 2018 and how these rules have created serious problems for clients caught in the cross-hairs.

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) - Part 2

This webinar accompanies the webinar "Individual Pension Plans Part 1" and covers plan set-up and administration, RRSP vs. IPP, and options for funding, retirement, death and wind up.

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) - Part 1

In this informative Part 1 session, Peter Wouters provides an overview of Individual Pension Plans - what they are, why consider them, how they work and identify suitable candidates. 


13 Biggest Investment Mistakes Retirees Make

Over the years Peter Wouters has spoken with thousands of retirees and near-retirees about money and the investment mistakes they make. Join Peter for an informative summary of the 13 biggest investment mistakes retirees make, along with some tips on how to avoid or correct them.

The Family Cottage

If clients want to pass on the family vacation property to their children one day, the cost of transfer may come as a considerable shock to them. Join Peter Wouters for an informative webinar that will cover the importance of preparing for tax implications that a vacation property transfer can bring. 

Top Insurance Strategies to Win More Clients

Join J. David Thomas as he leads an overview on some of our most popular advanced sales concepts for insurance along with helpful case studies to help boost your business.

Federal Budget 2019 Overview

The recent Federal Budget introduced a number of changes for retirees, small businesses, farms, investors, home buyers and health and support care. Join Peter Wouters as he takes a deeper look at the implications for your business and clients.

Running a Small Business: New Rules Part 3

Join Peter Wouters as he takes a deeper look at individual policies owned and/or paid for by the company at the time of purchase and the legal and tax implications of transferring policies or flowing benefits to family members for personal estate planning needs.

Running a Small Business: New Rules Part 2

Peter Wouters discusses targeted shareholder employee benefit plans as options to holding retained earnings destined to provide retirement cash flow, and trusts that offer benefits for select employees. 

Running a Small Business: New Rules Part 1

Peter Wouters provides an overview of the proposals, changes and updates dealing with income splitting and passive income as well as concerns, cautions and opportunities for business clients and their advisors. 

Guaranteed Lifetime Income In Action (Part 2)

How can you provide contractually guaranteed lifetime income to address the needs and expectations of your aging clients? Learn from a number of case studies how some income approaches meet the criteria set by today's aging Canadians. CE credits offer expires September 26, 2020.

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Guaranteed Lifetime Income: 90% Retirement Income Factor (Part 1)

Attendees will learn what guaranteed lifetime income means to aging Canadians, why it's important to them and how much they need or want. CE credits offer expires September 12, 2020.

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Federal Proposals Taxing Private Corporations Update

Peter Wouters discusses updates and changes to the original proposals and some next steps for practitioners and their clients. 

Seven Sins of Succession Planning

Many advisors are comfortable running their day-to-day business with the expectation that the sale of their practice will be smooth and seamless. Peter Wouters will show you how to avoid succession planning errors. 

Beneficiary Blow-ups

It is important to take the ‘big picture’ into account when estate planning. Short-sighted thinking, when naming beneficiaries, may result in beneficiary blow-ups. Peter Wouters will help you navigate strategies and avoid potential pitfalls. 

Understanding Taxation of Funds

When your clients receive their statements and tax slips, they may have questions. Peter Wouters will help you understand the reporting and taxation of growth, income and cash flow from investment funds to help you answer their questions. 

TRIIPSS Webinars

TRIIPSS (Tax, Retirement, Investment and Insurance Planning Strategies and Solutions) is a new webinar series featuring Peter Wouters. With our webinars, you become more knowledgeable on various industry related subjects so you can better meet the needs of your clients and help them achieve their financial goals.


Peter A. Wouters

Director Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning Services
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