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Date Code Title Download
2023-07-13 CIRE-2023-19-EN New security enhancements for MyEmpire customer online accounts Download
2023-07-10 CIRE-2023-18-EN Empire Life boosts yield on its money market fund, targeting 4.5% Download
2023-06-01 CIRE-2023-16-EN Participating life insurance Dividend Scale Interest Rate maintained at 6.00% and policy loan interest rate maintained at 6.75% in 2023/2024 Download
2023-05-30 CIRE-2023-15-EN Upcoming Quebec Bill 96 changes to Fast and Full® and paper applications for English language clients Download
2023-05-30 CIRE-2023-14-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2023-05-25 CIRE-2023-13-EN Empire Life Product Enhancements Download
2023-06-16 CIRE-2023-12-EN Access to Our Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning Specialists Now Available for Large Cases starting at $10,000 in Annual Premium Download
2023-04-17 CIRE-2023-11-EN Empire Life Product Changes Download
2023-04-13 CIRE-2023-10-EN New, shorter underwriting questions for a better customer experience in Fast and Full® Download
2023-03-30 CIRE-2023-09-EN Fast & Full eBundle Bonus extended until June 30, 2023! Earn up to 20% more FYC Download
2023-03-29 CIRE-2023-08-EN Term Exchange Program extended from 5 to 7 years Download
2023-03-09 CIRE-2023-07-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2023-03-09 CIRE-2023-06-EN New Solution 15 Term Life Insurance Download
2023-01-16 CIRE-2023-02-EN Policyholder tax reporting for 2022 and RRSP season 2023 Download
2022-12-30 CIRE-2023-01-EN Empire Life Segregated Funds December 31, 2022 Investment Statement Download