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2018-07-12 CIRE-2018-15-EN Empire Life Segregated Funds June 30, 2018 Investment Statements Download
2018-06-28 CIRE-2018-14-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2018-06-21 CIRE-2018-13-EN Announcing free integrated co-browsing with the Fast & Full Investment Application Download
2018-06-18 CIRE-2018-12-EN Changements apportés au processus de demande d’entrevue téléphonique sur les antécédents personnels pour les propositions sur support papier Download
2018-06-04 CIRE-2018-11-EN Announcing free integrated co-browsing the Fast & Full Life Application Download
2018-06-11 CIRE-2018-10-EN Important Notice: Dividend Scale change for Empire Participating Plans. Download
2018-05-25 CIRE-2018-09-EN Launch of Global GIF Funds, GIF Preferred Pricing, and Fee For Service Download
2018-06-22 CIRE-2018-08-EN New CI Protect 20 & CI Protect Plus 20 Critical Illness Insurance Download
2018-02-08 CIRE-2018-06-EN Hybrid Solution 100 2018 Premium and Values Declaration Download
2018-02-06 CIRE-2018-05-EN New commission schedule - Fast & Full® now earns 10% more than paper Download
2016-02-26 CIRE-2018-04-EN Consent and Acknowledgement for use of Genetic Test Results Download
2018-02-02 CIRE-2018-03-EN New price decreases for Solution 20 Term Life Insurance Download
2018-01-24 CIRE-2018-02-EN Empire Life Segregated Funds December 31, 2017 Investment Statements Download
2018-01-11 CIRE-2018-01-EN Policyholder tax reporting for 2017 and RRSP season 2018 Download
2017-12-20 CIRE-2017-31-EN 2018 Weekly Advisor Pay Schedule Download