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Date Code Title Download
2024-01-18 CIRE-2024-02-EN Empire Life 2024 RRSP Season Commission Bonus Download
2024-01-16 CIRE-2024-01-EN Policyholder tax reporting for 2023 and RRSP season 2024 Download
2023-12-27 CIRE-2023-32-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2023-12-15 CIRE-2023-31-EN Introducing new underwriting enhancements in the Adult Short Questionnaire in Fast & Full Download
2023-12-06 CIRE-2023-30-EN Introducing Empire’s New Growth & Loyalty Bonus launching January 1, 2024 & the continuation of the Fast & Full Digital Bonus Program in 2024 Download
2023-12-18 CIRE-2023-29 Announcing Class Plus 2.1 2024 Deposit Limit of $25,000 Download
2023-11-21 CIRE-2023-28-EN New Fast & Full enhancements - Improved underwriting questions, and coming soon, a better co-browsing experience Download
2023-12-13 CIRE-2023-27-EN 2024 Weekly Advisor Pay Schedule Download
2023-10-20 CIRE-2023-26-EN Updates to the Contingent Owner/Subrogated Policyholder provisions in our Life and Health Insurance Contracts Download
2023-10-27 CIRE-2023-25-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2023-10-26 CIRE-2023-24-EN New Fast & Full eBundle Bonus Rates - Earn up to 66%1 in FYC for Solution 100 and up to 60%1 in FYC for our new Term to 100 until December 31, 2023 Download
2023-10-20 CIRE-2023-23-EN Launch of two new growth-focused GIF Funds Download
2023-10-11 CIRE-2023-22-EN Holiday hours of operation and year-end settle dates for Retail business Download
2023-10-26 CIRE-2023-21-EN Announcing NEW Term to 100 permanent life insurance product and new pricing and commission enhancements to Solution Download
2023-03-30 CIRE-2023-20-EN Fast & Full eBundle Bonus extended until December 31, 2023! Earn up to 20% more FYC Download