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Date Code Title Download
2024-06-21 CIRE-2024-10-EN Revised Commission Schedule for Optimax Wealth® and EstateMax® products Download
2024-06-17 CIRE-2024-09-EN Discontinuation of EstateMax 8 Pay Participating Whole Life insurance Download
2024-06-17 CIRE-2024-08-EN New enhancements to our Participating Whole Life insurance products (EstateMax and Optimax Wealth) AND increased No Fluid Underwriting requirements for all life insurance products Download
2024-06-17 CIRE-2024-07-EN Improved initial premium rates and rankings for Solution 20 ® term insurance (up to a 5.7% decrease for non-smokers with an average overall target market ranking of 2) Download
2024-06-10 CIRE-2024-06-EN Discontinuation of Envision Desktop Insurance Illustrator effective June 16, 2024 Download
2024-05-31 CIRE-2024-05-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2024-06-17 CIRE-2024-04-EN Important Notice: Dividend Scale change for Empire Life Participating Plans Download
2024-03-08 CIRE-2024-03-EN Introducing new maximum coverage amounts of $20 million, removal of the ECG/treadmill stress ECG underwriting requirements under $10 million, and updates to eVision Insurance Illustrator Download
2024-01-18 CIRE-2024-02-EN Empire Life 2024 RRSP Season Commission Bonus Download
2024-01-16 CIRE-2024-01-EN Policyholder tax reporting for 2023 and RRSP season 2024 Download
2023-12-27 CIRE-2023-32-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2024-05-14 CIRE-2023-32-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2023-12-15 CIRE-2023-31-EN Introducing new underwriting enhancements in the Adult Short Questionnaire in Fast & Full Download
2023-12-06 CIRE-2023-30-EN Introducing Empire’s New Growth & Loyalty Bonus launching January 1, 2024 & the continuation of the Fast & Full Digital Bonus Program in 2024 Download
2023-12-18 CIRE-2023-29 Announcing Class Plus 2.1 2024 Deposit Limit of $25,000 Download