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2020-01-21 CIRE-2020-01-EN Empire Life Segregated Funds December 31, 2019 Investment Statements Download
2020-01-06 CIRE-2019-27-EN Commission Bonus Extended – the Fast & Full® Life App will still earn 10% more FYC than paper in 2020 Download
2019-12-03 CIRE-2019-26-EN 2020 Weekly Advisor Pay Schedule Download
2019-11-20 CIRE-2019-25-EN Fast & Full® Investment enhancements: GICs now available and faster back office notification of completed applications Download
2019-11-14 CIRE-2019-24-EN Holiday hours of operation and year-end settle dates for Retail business Download
2019-11-13 CIRE-2019-23-EN Announcing Class Plus 2.1 2020 Deposit Limit of $25,000 Download
2019-11-13 CIRE-2019-22-EN Conversions of Optimax Extender Download
2019-10-30 CIRE-2019-21-EN Change to the calculation and collection of the GIF Insurance Fee Download
2019-10-24 CIRE-2019-20-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2019-10-23 CIRE-2019-19-EN Launch of 8 new GIF Funds Download
2019-10-01 CIRE-2019-18-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2019-09-26 CIRE-2019-17-EN New premium rates for EstateMax® & Optimax Wealth® 8 Pay, 20 Pay and Life Pay Participating Plans. Download
2019-09-26 CIRE-2019-16-EN Reduced underwriting requirements up to $750,000 Download
2019-09-26 CIRE-2019-15-EN New EstateMax 10 Pay & Optimax Wealth 10 Pay Participating Plans Download
2019-09-03 CIRE-2019-14-EN Earn an extra 10% commission on all GIF deposits through the remainder of 2019 with the Empire Life GIF Sales Commission Bonus Download