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Date Code Title Download
2020-07-16 CIRE-2020-24-EN Empire Life Segregated Funds June 30, 2020 Investment Statements Download
2020-06-29 CIRE-2020-23 Revised Commission Schedule Download
2020-06-22 CIRE-2020-22 SUMMER eBUNDLE BONUS: Earn up to 20% More FYC when you use the Fast & Full® Life App with eHQ and eContract Delivery vs. Paper Download
2020-06-29 CIRE-2020-21-EN New 25-Year Term Life Insurance for Solution Series® Product Portfolio Download
2020-07-27 CIRE-2020-20-EN Increase of Non Face-to-Face (NFTF) limits to $10 Million for PAPER life insurance applications Download
2020-06-19 CIRE-2020-19 Revised Life and Health Applications for use in Non Face-to-Face Sales Download
2020-05-28 CIRE-2020-18-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2020-05-20 CIRE-2020-17-EN Trilogy Universal Life Statements to be available electronically through My Advisor Dashboard Download
2020-06-19 CIRE-2020-16 New Additional Deposit Option (ADO) for EstateMax and Optimax Wealth Participating Plans Download
2020-05-20 CIRE-2020-15-EN One-time Special Offer to Add Return of Premium on Death Rider to Eligible Inforce CI Protect Plus Coverages Download
2020-05-04 CIRE-2020-14-EN Guidelines for National Account Temporary Covid-19 Non Face to Face Investments Download
2020-04-17 CIRE-2020-13-EN Earn up to 15% More FYC vs. Paper with the Fast & Full® Life App when using eHQ and ePolicy Delivery Download
2020-04-09 CIRE-2020-12-EN Changes to the calculation of the 2020 required minimum withdrawal for registered retirement income funds (RRIF) Download
2020-04-02 CIRE-2020-11-EN Launch of Early Redemption Charge Recovery Credit Program Download
2020-03-25 CIRE-2020-10-EN Launch of a new Return of Premium on Death rider for Empire Life CI Protect Plus and new premium rates for CIPP 75 with Return of Premium on Surrender or Maturity rider Download