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Date Code Title Download
2020-05-28 CIRE-2020-18-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download
2020-05-20 CIRE-2020-17-EN Trilogy Universal Life Statements to be available electronically through My Advisor Dashboard Download
2020-05-20 CIRE-2020-15-EN One-time Special Offer to Add Return of Premium on Death Rider to Eligible Inforce CI Protect Plus Coverages Download
2020-05-04 CIRE-2020-14-EN Guidelines for National Account Temporary Covid-19 Non Face to Face Investments Download
2020-04-17 CIRE-2020-13-EN Earn up to 15% More FYC vs. Paper with the Fast & Full® Life App when using eHQ and ePolicy Delivery Download
2020-04-09 CIRE-2020-12-EN Changes to the calculation of the 2020 required minimum withdrawal for registered retirement income funds (RRIF) Download
2020-04-02 CIRE-2020-11-EN Launch of Early Redemption Charge Recovery Credit Program Download
2020-03-25 CIRE-2020-10-EN Launch of a new Return of Premium on Death rider for Empire Life CI Protect Plus and new premium rates for CIPP 75 with Return of Premium on Surrender or Maturity rider Download
2020-04-30 CIRE-2020-09-EN Solution Series Term Reprice Revision Download
2020-03-09 CIRE-2020-08-EN Conversions of Trilogy Universal Life to Solution 100 with no additional underwriting requirements Download
2020-02-27 CIRE-2020-07-EN Saskatchewan Insurance Act and Regulation Changes - Recommendations Download
2020-02-27 CIRE-2020-06-EN Premium rate decreases for Solution 10, Solution 20 & Solution 30 Term Life Insurance Download
2020-02-12 CIRE-2020-05-EN Improvements to the paramedical ordering process on the Fast & Full® Life App Download
2020-02-12 CIRE-2020-04-EN Improvements to age & amount ordering for paper life applications Download
2020-01-31 CIRE-2020-03-EN Earn 10% more commission on all Empire Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF) digital deposits! Download