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Date Code Title Download
2021-09-29 CIRE-2021-23-EN The NEW, BIGGER eBundle Bonus is here: earn up to 20% more FYC Download
2021-09-14 CIRE-2021-22-EN Information Circular 2021-22: Launch of new revamped segregated fund Prices & Performance page Download
2021-09-16 CIRE-2021-21-EN Living Benefit Advance For Life Insurance Coverages Download
2021-08-09 CIRE-2021-20-EN Advanced Marketing and Large Case Support and Review Download
2021-07-14 CIRE-2021-19-EN Information Circular - June 2021 Download
2021-06-28 CIRE-2021-17-EN The Fast & Full eBUNDLE BONUS is extended until September 30, 2021: Earn up to 15% More FYC when using eHQ and eContract Delivery! Download
2021-06-14 CIRE-2021-16-EN Changes to Empire Life Disability Credit Protect Screening Questionnaire Download
2021-05-31 CIRE-2021-13-EN 2021/2022 Dividend Scale Announcement for Empire Participating Plans Download
2021-05-21 CIRE-2021-12-EN Reduced underwriting requirements with no fluid tests for life coverages up to $2,000,000 (for life insured’s ages 18 to 50) Download
2021-04-13 CIRE-2021-11-EN Launch of a new segregated fund product in collaboration with CI Global Asset Management (CI GAM) Download
2021-03-22 CIRE-2021-10-EN The Fast & Full eBUNDLE BONUS is extended until June 30, 2021! Download
2021-02-16 CIRE-2021-09-EN Change in practice regarding digital/electronic signatures for changes to beneficiaries and policyowners Download
2021-02-09 CIRE-2021-08-EN Empire Life GIF Growth Commission Bonus program 2021 Download
2021-07-13 CIRE-2021-07-EN Information Circular - July 2021 Download
2021-01-28 CIRE-2021-07-EN Revised Commission Schedule Download