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When your company has business opportunities outside of Canada, Empire Life can help by offering benefits to expatriate employees through our Voyageur Global Benefits portfolio of products administered by MetLife Worldwide Benefits.

Voyageur Global Benefits provide competitive benefits for:

  • Expatriates (Canadian citizen or Canadian national working outside Canada for 6+ months)
  • Inpatriates (Non-Canada-based employees working on temporary assignment in Canada)
  • Third-country nationals (Non-Canada-based employees sent on temporary work assignments to countries other than Canada)

Voyageur Global Benefits is a Canadian group insurance benefit program that is governed by the laws of Canada and that is underwritten by The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire Life), an insurance company domiciled at 259 King Street East, Kingston, ON K7L 3A8. Empire Life is the Canadian insurance company that provides the benefits under the insurance policies it issues. Voyageur Global Benefits is administered by Delaware American Life Insurance Company (MetLife Worldwide Benefits), a MetLife, Inc., affiliate domiciled at 600 North King Street, Wilmington, DE 19801, U.S.A., and MetLife Worldwide Benefits has agreed to provide administration services to Empire Life with regard to Voyageur Global Benefits