Critical Illness Insurance

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A critical illness can strike anyone at any time, and the odds of surviving are better than ever with today's medical breakthroughs. Worrying about being a financial burden on their family or business is the last thing your clients want, should the unexpected happen.

To meet different insurance needs, Empire Life offers two critical illness insurance solutions:

  • Empire Life CI Protect – a simple, affordable solution for critical illness protection
  • Coming Soon! Empire Life CI Protect Plus – a comprehensive critical illness insurance solution that covers 25 critical illnesses

Empire Life CI Protect Plan Highlights

  • Covers the 4 conditions that account for 88%1 of paid CI claims: cancer, heart attack, stroke and coronary artery bypass2
  • Application process uses life insurance underwriting with no additional health insurance requirements
  • 10-year renewable term with guaranteed initial & renewable premiums that increase every 10 years to age 75
  • Available for individual coverage and as a rider3 for Solution Series or EstateMaxTM policies
  • Built-in $1,000 death benefit if insured dies from any cause before becoming eligible for the CI Protect critical illness benefit

Empire Life CI Protect Plus

Stay tuned for detailed product information!