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Empire Life Emblem GIF Portfolios provide an easy, diversified investment solution to match your client’s risk tolerance, time horizon and investment goals. As a segregated fund investment option, the portfolios also offer valuable insurance guarantees.

Each of the 10 Emblem GIF Portfolios invests primarily in a strategic mix of equity and fixed income securities. Each portfolio's asset mix aims to provide maximum return for a specific level of risk.

What are the benefits of Empire Life Emblem GIF Portfolios?

  • Instant Diversification with one decision. Diversifies your client’s investments across multiple asset classes using a simple and easy to understand investor profile questionnaire.
  • Investment Approach. Portfolios are managed using a conservative, value-oriented and disciplined investment approach.
  • Tactical Asset Management. Asset mix is monitored and adjusted in response to evolving market conditions.
  • Transparency. The underlying fund invests directly in securities so clients can always see what they’re invested in.
  • Valuable Benefit Guarantees. As segregated funds, Emblem GIF Portfolios provide valuable maturity and death benefit guarantees to help protect your client’s investment.

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