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Empire Life Immediate Annuities provide the security and predictability of guaranteed income payments for life or over a specific term.

Key Information

  • Annuity Options:
    • Joint and Last Survivor Annuities with or without a guaranteed period
    • Single Life Annuities with a guaranteed period
    • Single Life Annuities
    • Term Certain Annuities with terms from 10 years up to age 90
  • Payment Options: Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments made direct to the client's bank account
  • Minimum Deposit: $7,500 ($2,500 for internal transfers)
  • Lifetime maximum deposit per annuitant is $1,000,000.00
  • Issue Ages: 
    • Life Annuity: Minimum age 35, Maximum age 85
    • Term Certain: Minimum age 18, Maximum age 80
  • Taxation: Annuities purchased with non-registered funds are prescribed to spread the taxable portion of the income evenly throughout the lifetime of the annuity

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