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Is a RRSP right for your clients?

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) lets your clients build tax-deferred retirement savings. They can deduct their RRSP contributions1 from their taxable income, and their investments grow sheltered from tax until they make a withdrawal.


We have the investment solutions to meet your clients’ needs

  • Class Plus 3.0, our Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit, offers guaranteed retirement income for life.2 Your clients will know exactly how much income they will receive, every year for life, no matter how long they live, regardless of markets.
  • With Empire Life Guaranteed Investment Funds, clients have the choice of a 75% or 100% death and maturity benefit guarantees and 43 funds, including Emblem GIF Portfolios.
  • Complement our guaranteed investment funds with a Guaranteed Interest Contract. It provides the security of principal guarantees with competitive interest rates on investment terms ranging from 30, 90 and 190 days to 1 - 10 years.

Clients should verify their contribution limit on their Notice of Assessment.
2 Making an Excess Withdrawal may decrease the guaranteed retirement income for life amount.