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Paramedical requirements (paramedical exam*, blood and urine test, ECG, stress ECG) will be ordered on your behalf.

Available Vendors:

NOTE: *Paramedical exam can be replaced by a Personal History Tele-Interview (PHI), with Vitals.

Attending Physician Statement (APS) reports are ordered by Empire Life Underwriting.
Our provider is Dynacare Insurance Solutions.

Inspection reports are ordered by Empire Life Underwriting. Our provider is First Financial.

Empire Life will NOT pay for the following unless permission is obtained in advance from Underwriting:

  • Any fees in excess of those established by Empire Life.
  • Cost incurred by failure of the applicant to meet the appointment set for an examination. Empire will pay for the first two missed appointments. Exception - Medical exam - Doctors often charge the full charge even for a missed appointment and it can be in excess of 200.00. Missed Medical Exams are reviewed on a individual basis.
  • Medical or special evidence not necessary according to the current requirements or not requested by Underwriting.
  • Special requests for mileage. Empire will determine if another company has paramedical service in this area.
  • Evidence related to persons who have already been charged an extra premium, or whose applications have already been refused by Empire or another carrier.
  • Empire Life will not be responsible for any cost associated with requirements completed outside of Canada. All costs will be paid by the MGA/advisor.

Validity of requirements:

The following outlines how long the various documents will normally be valid, however, Underwriting reserves the right to request that any of these requirements be repeated at any time:


Part 1 - Application for insurance

1 year

Part 2 - Non-medical evidence (health information)

1 year

Personal History Tele-Interview

1 year

ECG & X-ray

1 year

Paramedical examinations

1 year

Lab work

1 year



An Application Change Form (ACF) generated by Policy Issue may be required at the Underwriter's discretion.