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Application / Administration

  • Clearly mark linked applications and clip applications together.  For example, family members or business partners who are to be underwritten together.
  • Include the policy number on all correspondence.
  • Send a cover letter to explain any unusual or complex situations.
  • Request Personal History Tele-Interview on Advisor's section on the application
  • Send an applicable cover sheet with applications indicating a contact name, telephone number and email address.
  • Ensure that all appropriate signatures are on the application.
  • Submit an Illustration if it is required – i.e. Universal Life policy.
  • All Paramedical requirements: Paramedical, Blood, Urine, Vitals, Personal History Tele-Interviews, Inspection Reports, MVRs (with the exception of Alberta where the client must obtain), and APS' are ordered by Empire Life Head Office.

Medical & Personal history

  • Answer all questions either Yes or No – we cannot accept N/A, leaving a question blank or crossing out the question.
  • Provide full details on a YES answer – complete the appropriate questionnaire and this may help to avoid APS ordering – i.e. – asthma, depression, etc.
  • Don't use occupational descriptions such as: self employed, maternity leave, consultant. Be specific as to what the client does, what type of business they own or what they did before going on maternity leave.
  • Don't use medical result descriptions such as OK or fine. Be specific and tell us if the results were normal, abnormal, no concerns etc.
  • Ensure that questionnaires are completed for occupational, hazardous sports, foreign travel, driving, etc.
  • Always include the doctor's name and address so the APS can be ordered ASAP.
  • Ensure that any changes or additional information are initialed by the client. This will help avoid having to collect signatures on delivery.
  • When requesting a Child Rider please ensure that the 3rd column on the non-medical is completed – this, as well as other information on the children, is often missed.


  • Provide financial documents as well as financial questionnaires to support large cases.
  • Remember to tell us the source of any unearned income or income from sources other than the primary occupation.