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Our ASO Split-Funded Plan provides you with the opportunity to self-insure a portion of your Extended Health and Dental Benefits. Empire Life will provide claims and administration services for the self-insured portion of your plan and insure the remainder of the benefits.

Is ASO for you?

ASO may be the best solution for you if:

  • You are comfortable with your expenses fluctuating from quarter to quarter, in line with employee claims
  • You believe a certain degree of risk is worth the potential for cost-savings in insurance premium

How ASO works

Available to businesses with 20 employees or more, you may elect to self-insure:

  • All Extended Health and Dental Benefits except Emergency Travel Assistance; and/or
  • Drugs only; or
  • Incidental Health Expense claims only

If you choose the ASO route, we will send you a monthly bill outlining the breakdown of costs-both self-insured and insured. Reconciliation of premiums paid to actual claims incurred occurs quarterly and upon renewal.

Key features and benefits

  • An opportunity to spend less on employee benefits by assuming some of the risk yourself
  • Flexibility to select the benefits you wish to self-insure
  • Stop-loss protection to limit the degree of risk you are assuming
  • Our ASO plan is all-inclusive. We do not charge extra for printing booklets and supplies

Get Empire Life ASO working for you

To learn more about how our ASO can help you select a funding option that works with your budget, please contact your group benefits advisor.