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A competitive benefits program is key to attracting talented employees and promoting a healthy work place. Empire Life sets itself apart by offering well-priced, easy-to-understand employee benefits that are uniquely designed for Canadian small and medium-sized businesses.

BeneFit's intelligent design helps make complex choices easier. It's got everything you need in an attractive benefits package to help employees protect their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing - without breaking the budget.


Intended for businesses with 2-19 employees, BeneFit's smart, simplified plan options and easy administration add up to hassle-free, cost-effective protection.

Is BeneFit for you?

BeneFit may be the best solution for you if:

  • Your company employs between 2 and 19 people
  • You are looking for a packaged employee benefits plan
  • You are looking for innovation in plan features and options that fit your budget
  • You want assurance that your employees and their dependants will be well taken care of and supported

How BeneFit works

BeneFit contains core and optional benefits. You create the plan that's right for your business by choosing optional benefits, setting maximums etc. Application, administration, and renewal processes are fast and easy, so you can spend more time managing your business - not your benefits.

Key features and benefits

  • Cost Plus is included in all plans
  • An attractive set of well-priced benefit products to choose from
  • A simple and straightforward application process
  • Rapid set up and a comprehensive set of employee reference materials
  • Simple renewal process
  • Dental ASO option that gives you the potential to save costs, by self-insuring the dental plan
  • Easy administration
  • Friendly, personal support through our Customer Service Unit

Get Empire Life BeneFit working for you

To learn more about how BeneFit can help you build a healthier business, contact your group benefits advisor.