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Reliable, doctor approved information

Best Doctors can help employees their loved ones get the information they need on a variety of health topics, giving peace of mind that they’re making well-informed decisions about their health care. Whether their condition is simple or complex, Best Doctors can provide a variety of tools and resources. These include:

  •    Condition-specific website links,
  •    Articles, 
  •    Contact information for groups and facilities that can assist with medical needs.

How this benefits employees

Best Doctors can help navigate the Canadian health care system and get the information employees need, quickly and efficiently.

When employees have questions or concerns about their health, Best Doctors will provide personalized information and resources available in their community.

Reliable Answers
Best Doctors will help find reliable answers to employees’ questions, leading them in the right direction and providing peace of mind. 

Best Doctors can also offer advice and wellness support, such as:

  •    Assistance finding group support for depression
  •    Research and assistance in finding care and residency for elderly parents
  •    Finding groups or associations for diabetes
  •    Locating psychologists
  •    Assistance in formulating questions employees may need to ask their physicians.