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More than just a second opinion

A leading expert in the employee’s or their loved one’s condition will perform an in-depth analysis of the relevant medical data, including diagnostic imaging, test results and pathology samples, when appropriate. Then they provide recommendations in a detailed, confidential report. Employees are invited to share the findings with their local medical team, should they choose. Expert Medical Opinion is more than just a second medical opinion. It’s a confidential, proprietary process that complements the care employees receive from their own physician. It provides a second expert review, bringing greater certainty to a diagnosis and treatment plan.

How this benefits employees

With the Best Doctors’ proprietary process, the employee’s medical information is sent to a leading specialist quickly and efficiently to get answers as soon as possible.

Knowing that a peer-nominated expert specialist is reviewing their case gives peace of mind. 

Best Doctors encourages employees to reach out with questions while they review their case. They also contact employees regularly to keep them informed as their case progresses.