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Three years of medical history in one easy-to-access location

With the Medical Records eSummary service, Best Doctors collects up to three years of an employee’s medical history and conveniently sends it in a secure digital file.A medical expert also reviews the records and provides a Health Alert Summary, bringing any potential health concerns to the employee’s attention.

How this benefits employees 

Best Doctors do the legwork of collecting medical records from all facilities and delivering them to employees so they have them in one, easy-to-access place.

Medical Records eSummary allows employees to keep their own medical information with them in case they move, their physician retires, or they experience urgent/ emergency situations when travelling or on vacation.

Health Alert Summary
Best Doctors will review the collected medical records and offer guidance on any potential health issues via a Health Alert Summary.

1 A member is entitled to access the Medical Records eSummary service once per year.