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Unsure about the right level of vision care coverage for your employees? Confused about how much therapeutic massage to cover? Not sure you can afford a comprehensive benefits plan?

With Health Care Essentials, you can provide essential coverage (drug, private duty nursing, emergency travel assistance, and a survivor benefit) and choose whether or not to provide major medical benefits (semi-private hospital coverage, paramedical services, vision care, medical supplies). If you include major medical, you set an overall dollar amount for all expenses and let employees decide how to spend this benefit.

Health Care Essentials provides employees with choice while setting a ceiling on spending that is inflation protected.

Is Health Care Essentials for you?

Health Care Essentials may be the best solution for you if:

  • You have a diverse workforce, and want to give employees the freedom to spend their major medical benefit on the types of care they need
  • You need a scaled back solution but want employees to retain essential coverage
  • You are a small to medium-sized business looking for innovative cost containment features in your employee benefits plan

How Health Care Essentials works

Core benefits in Health Care Essentials include prescription drugs, private duty nursing, a survivor benefit, and emergency travel assistance. You have the option to include a Major Medical benefit - semi-private hospital coverage, paramedical services, vision care, medical supplies - and give employees the flexibility to spend this benefit on the services they value most.

Key features and benefits

  • Coverage ensures that employees' essential health care needs are met
  • Well thought through coverage options allow you to design a plan that achieves your business objectives and stabilize your financial investment

Get Empire Life Health Care Essentials working for you

To learn more about how Health Care Essentials can help you build a healthier business, please contact your group benefits advisor.