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How long will this take/when can I expect to hear back from you?

Routine claims are handled within 5 business days. If we require additional information, we will contact you.

What if I get declined?

In the unlikely event that your claim is declined, you will be notified in writing of our decision.

How will I get paid?

Claims are paid by cheque in Canadian dollars. In some cases, we are able to directly deposit the funds to a bank account.

Claim payment options

Lump sum: Receive the full death benefit in a single cheque

Deposit to an Empire Life Policy – A new policy application must be submitted or an existing Policy Number must be provided.

Annuity: Choose among four payment options:

  • Life IncomeMonthly payments for life.
  • Life Income with a Certain Period: Monthly payments to you for life with a certain period of guaranteed payments to you or your named beneficiary.
  • Fixed PeriodPayment for a number of years you choose, with the right to withdraw the present value of unmade payments.
  • Fixed AmountPayments of a selected amount until the proceeds and interest earned are fully paid to you, with a right to withdraw the unpaid balance.

Funds deposited into your bank account: Funds will be deposited directly into the bank account you choose. Please note this option is not available for all policies.

All guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company and do not apply to the underlying investment options.

What if I cannot obtain a death certificate?

In the unlikely event that a death certificate cannot be obtained, we will work with you directly to come up with an alternative way to provide proof of death.

Can I get money to pay for the funeral?

It is not our usual practice to advance money to pay for a funeral.  If the beneficiary would like us to make payment to a Funeral Home when the claim is approved, we will accept a letter directing us to do so.

What is considered to be a foreign death?  

If a death occurs outside of Canada or the US then it is considered a foreign death and a C-0025 form will need to be submitted with the requirements.

How many Claimant Statements are required? 

One claimant statement per named beneficiary is required. This also applies in the case that the Estate is the beneficiary. In this case, it must be completed by the executor of the Estate.

Is Medically Assisted Death covered?  

Each life claim is adjudicated in the same manner. The underlying cause of death rather than the method of death, as well as any applicable legislation would be a factor in the claim consideration. If death is during the contestable period then it will also follow the contestable period review. Additional documentation may be required approving the medically assisted death for the insured.

What is the contestable period? 

A claim is considered to be contestable if the loss occurred 2 years or less from the date of issue or reinstatement of the policy. 

Will this claim be paid? 

The conditions of the contract will need to be reviewed in order to determine if the claim will be paid.