Why use an advisor?

Investors with an advisor accumulate more assets than those who do not have an advisor.*

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*The Gamma Factor and the Value of Financial Advice - 2016.

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What do investors want? What can an advisor do for you?

I want more knowledge
50% pie chart

of pre-retirees don’t know how to plan their retirement


Financial planning requires expertise and time but most people have little. An advisor can help with retirement planning.

I need more savings discipline
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of pre-retirees don’t save for retirement on a regular basis.*

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An advisor can help you develop better savings habits and accumulate more assets

I want to be debt-free when I retire
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5 in 10 pre-retirees have significant debt yet have no plan to be debt-free when they retire, making for a stressful retirement

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An advisor can help you develop a strategy to decrease debt and increase savings.

I need a financial plan
13% pie chart

Only 13% of pre-retirees have a written, formal plan to ensure a comfortable retirement.* 87% of pre-retirees have no plan or just a ballpark estimate.*

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An advisor has the expertise to help you build a plan to achieve your long-term goals. They can help you set realistic planning targets and stick to your plan.

I’m interested in guaranteed lifetime income
6 in 10 chart

6 in 10 pre-retirees want guaranteed income for life—it’s the #1 feature they want in a financial product—but they don’t know how to get it.*

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An advisor has access to different brands and products and can recommend products with guaranteed income for life.

I wish I was more confident about my retirement
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1 in 4 pre-retirees do not believe they will have a financially comfortable retirement and 2 in 4 expect lower standards of living in retirement than what they have today.*

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3 out of 4 retirees with advisors are confident that their savings and income will last their lifetime.**

*LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Ready, Set, Retire? Not So Fast! … Revisited. 2014. ** LIMRA The Use of Advisors Pre-and Post-Retirement in Canada. 2016.

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