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When you need affordable protection for your family or your business, our term life insurance can provide immediate protection for as long as you wish.

Empire Life offers term life insurance, at affordable rates, for life. Your immediate needs may be temporary, but there is always a need for life insurance.

Empire Life offers three term life insurance products

  • Solution ART
  • Solution 10
  • Solution 20

Solution 10 or Solution 20 offers life insurance that automatically renews every 10 or 20 years depending on the plan selected. The cost increases at each renewal but is guaranteed not to change during a term. Also, depending on the plan you select, your rates don’t increase after a certain age until you reach age 100. Solution ART offers life insurance that is level for three years and then increase gradually to age 85 at which time it remains level to age 100.  All three plans become fully paid-up at age 100.

Term insurance is a great choice for

  • Families with a new or existing mortgage
  • Small and medium business owners who need to cover overhead and start-up costs
  • Business owners with key employees and complex business arrangements
  • Individuals focused on affordable coverage with future flexibility

term-heart.pngFor Solution 10 or 20 coverages of $500,000 and up, we offer lower premium rates to individuals who qualify for our Preferred or Elite risk classes. Upon receiving an application, we assess the health situation of each individual proposed for insurance, and healthier clients that meet our underwriting criteria can pay less for their Solution 10 or 20 coverages of $500,000 and up.