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“It’s wonderful, thorough, linear, and clear. This is just the way I like to do business.” That’s how one advisor described the new way Empire Life now welcomes new customers.

One year after Empire Life launched its team of New Business Specialists and their behind-the-scenes partners, the New Business Coordinators, we’re delighted to report this new way of working is earning high marks—saving advisors and customers time when they move their benefit plans to Empire Life.

“I really appreciate being asked to confirm the plan design,” said another advisor. “With other carriers, I receive the booklet when the plan is set up. Often there are mistakes so booklets have to be corrected and re-printed. It is really nice to see the plan ahead of time.”

This advisor also commented that receiving the implementation plan was a “wow” experience. “It set out the dates for everything to be done and exactly when I would receive things. This makes it very easy for me to set expectations with my customers.”

We’re delighted to receive such positive feedback, and we congratulate our stellar Welcome Team.


New Business Specialists meet in Kingston for a one-year anniversary review
From left to right: Danielle Carriere, Gina Yeatman, Richelle Cartwright, Casey Held, Jennifer DeMille.

When it comes to welcoming new customers, our goal is simple. We want to make the move to Empire Life so well organized, smooth and customer-friendly you wonder why more things in life can’t be this easy.

Video: Introducing Empire Life New Business Specialists