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We’re pleased to report that the transition to Express Scripts Canada has gone very smoothly overall, based on analysis of calls to our Customer Service Unit and plan member claims experience over the past six weeks. The overwhelming majority of people who received a new benefit card heard the call to ‘put it in your wallet’ and ‘remember to show it.’

Plan administrators played a key role in communicating the change to their employees, and it’s safe to say the transition would not have been possible without their assistance. To make the job easy, Empire Life developed a short video and an employee communication kit. Survey results show that a whopping 88% of plan administrators found the employee communication kit very helpful. “What a smooth transition! I was provided all the tools I needed to communicate the change to our employees...You made my job easy!” is how one plan administrator put it.

And our video was well received: “We’re all very impressed with the creativity and level of care and attention Empire Life put into their new card, employee instructions sheet and video. Frankly, it’s the best we’ve ever seen!” said Express Scripts Canada CEO, Mike Biskey.

Close to twenty thousand people joined the Show My Card contest, designed to capture attention and remind those who received a new benefit card to show it to the pharmacist. The contest featured a grand prize of $5000, two second place prizes of $1000, and a slew of $100 prizes.

Empire Life product managers are now hard at work with Express Scripts Canada, developing products that can help boost employee health and save benefit plans money.