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$7,500 Drug-Only Pooling Product - a new choice

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 16:01

Feb 2, 2018
We’ve just launched a new $7,500 Drug-Only Pooling product, available to both insured and ASO plans.

As high cost specialty drugs continue to enter the market, many carriers are raising their pooling charges or raising pooling thresholds—or both. For customers who want to take a different path, our drug-only pooling product may be the solution.

With advances in medicine and new, higher cost drugs in the market, it’s important to offer options that help small and medium-sized businesses limit their exposure to high cost claims, since they can have a substantial impact on customers’ ability to manage their risk and budget. That’s why we’re maintaining our $10,000 pooling option and investing in our pooling products by offering this new drug only option.

This pooling product comes with cost management features including mandatory generic substitution drug plan, specialty drug program, prior authorization, step therapy, and reasonable and customary dispensing fee and drug markups.

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