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Starting December 1, 2018, we’re including Best DoctorsⓇ services to all group plans with Empire Life extended health benefits. 

We’re on a mission to make group benefits simple, fast and easy for Canadians. By automatically including Best Doctors services in our group plans, we’re adding convenience and helping people get the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the peace of mind they deserve.

Best Doctors services include:  

Expert Medical Opinion

A leading expert will perform an in-depth analysis of an employee’s medical data, including diagnostic imaging, test results and pathology samples when appropriate. Then they provide recommendations in a detailed, confidential report. Employees are invited to share the findings with their own doctor, should they choose.


Employees can get help searching for the right specialist. The FindBestDoc team researches options and provides employees with a comprehensive report to share with the treating physician, who can then make a referral.


If an employee needs to see a specialist outside of Canada, the FindBestCare team will search their global database of over 50,000 physicians in more than 450 specialties and subspecialties.

Best Doctors 360o Ⓡ A Member Advocate can help employees get the information they need on a variety of health topics, offering peace of mind that they’re making well-informed decisions about their health care.

Medical Records eSummaryTM

Up to three years of an employee’s medical history can be collected and delivered in a convenient, secure digital file. A medical expert reviews the records and provides a health alert summary, bringing any potential health concerns to the employee’s attention.

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