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New features on Group Administrator Portal make group plan administration easier

Wed, 05/25/2022 - 13:20

In the age of convenience customers and advisors expect simple, fast and easy access to their plan documents—such as their billing statements, contract, booklet and more—whenever they need them. One of Empire Life’s key priorities continues to be building capabilities that help deliver this experience. Earlier this year, we added two new features to the group administrator portal to do just that:

1. The Excel billing feature allows plan administrators and/or advisors to download in a user-friendly format their detailed billing statements in Excel, for ease of calculation, and not simply in PDF.

2. The Benefit Card feature gives administrators instant access to the benefit cards for any covered employee. This means no waiting for printed cards to arrive. With just a click of a button, they can generate and download a card—and send it along.

New customers experience the benefits of Empire Life digital capabilities immediately
At onboarding, we invite new plan administrators (and their advisors) to register for the group administrator portal right away. With direct access to all their plan documents, they can instantly download a benefit card for each member and access their benefit booklets. Plan administrators are also invited to send their employees the plan member registration guide—so that plan members can access their benefit booklets and other resources online, anytime. 

Advisors have access to this same portal to obtain documents as needed.