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Friday, May 12, 2023 - 11:37

Empire Life launches digital enrolment: automated plan member enrolment saves time and delivers a more streamlined experience

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On May 5, 2023, Empire Life released its digital enrolment tool to plan administrators across Canada. The new tool automates the collection of enrolment information from plan administrators and plan members in one seamless and time saving process. Our small group of customers with modular flex benefits will receive access to digital enrolment in our next release.  

The new digital enrolment tool eliminates almost all of the administration work and makes enrolment simple, fast and easy every step of the way: 

  • Plan administrators input only their new employee’s employment information (name occupation, date of hire, salary, etc.) and the tool does the rest
  • Plan members fill out their own personal and dependants’ information. They opt-in or out of optional benefits and apply for coverage above non-evidence limits directly in the digital form (if applicable)
  • Our handy dashboard helps plan administrators track the members’ effective dates, enrolment deadlines, and whether or not member’s have started or completed their enrolment
  • Benefit cards are generated automatically, and plan members are prompted to create their plan member website account. This equips them with everything they need to access their benefits and submit claims

Before digital enrolment, enrolling a new member often involved a lot of back and forth communication between plan administrators and plan members to ensure all required information was captured on the enrolment form. Once collected, the information would be entered into our online portal. Record filing and maintenance was also time-consuming—plan administrators were required to manage and retain a range of documents, remember important milestones and deadlines, and help new plan members understand how to access their benefits and plan information. .

As part of the digital enrolment process, Empire Life will ensure that plan members have the opportunity to apply for any additional benefits they are eligible for, at point of enrolment. This also saves plan administrators time, since once the member completes their enrolment, there is no need to ask administrators to share or collect any additional plan member information. This results in a better enrolment experience for everyone involved. It also gives plan administrators peace of mind knowing that plan members are always made aware all of their coverage options. 

Optional CI automatically approved up to $25,000

Excess coverage and optional benefits are offered to allow members to opt for additional coverage. Currently, we determine if members are eligible for additional coverage after enrolment, and administrators are obligated to make the employee aware of the coverage available and to ensure they provide the necessary paperwork to apply. Given the nature of any confidential health information, the plan administrator must also ensure the member understands how to submit that information to Empire Life securely.

For groups with Optional Critical Illness, we will automatically approve any eligible member up to $25,000 at enrolment, making it easier for them to get the protection they might need, and providing them with all of the information necessary to decide if the coverage is worth the additional premium.