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$7,500 Drug-Only Pooling Product - a new choice

Feb 2, 2018
We’ve just launched a new $7,500 Drug-Only Pooling product, available to both insured and ASO plans.

As high cost specialty drugs continue to enter the market, many carriers are raising their pooling charges or raising pooling thresholds—or both. For customers who want to take a different path, our drug-only pooling product may be the solution.

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Empire Life appoints Edward Gibson CFO

(Kingston, ON – April 30, 2018) – The Empire Life Insurance Company (TSX: EML.PR.A) announced today the appointment of Senior Vice-President and Chief Actuary Edward Gibson, FSA, FCIA, as its Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Gibson became Senior Vice-President and Chief Actuary at Empire Life in June 2008. Throughout his 30-year tenure with the company, he has overseen finance, strategy, actuarial, and risk management functions.

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Empire Life Investments Inc. announces decrease in risk rating of Empire Life Emblem Conservative Portfolio

TORONTO (January 29, 2018) – Empire Life Emblem Conservative Portfolio (the Fund) has adopted the standardized risk classification methodology mandated by the Canadian Securities Administrators. Accordingly, the risk rating of the Fund has changed from “Low to Medium” to “Low”.

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Empire Life Investments wins five FundGrade A+® Awards for its segregated funds

January 26, 2018 (Toronto, Ontario) — Empire Life Investments Inc. has been recognized once again for its risk-adjusted performance, winning five 2017 Fundata FundGrade A+ Awards for its segregated funds. Fundata picks the winners using an objective score-based calculation that determines the “best of the best” for each calendar year based solely on risk-adjusted performance.


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Empire Life Investments appoints Albert Ngo, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

(Toronto, ON – January 15, 2018) – Empire Life Investments Inc. today announced the appointment of Albert Ngo, as Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income, effective January 15, 2018.
Albert will work closely with our fixed income team to research and evaluate opportunities for our fixed income portfolios. His primary focus will be on fixed income within our retail segregated funds and mutual funds.

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