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Is Employer-Provided Life Insurance Good Enough?

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Having life insurance as part of an employee benefits package at work is a great benefit.  

Many companies pay for a fixed amount of life insurance for their employees and also allow employees to purchase more coverage at a low cost and with no medical exam.  As a result, a significant number of Canadians have life insurance through their employer1.

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5 Questions To Ask When Looking for Life Insurance

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It may be something we don’t want to think about but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

You make at least a hundred different decisions every day.  There are quick and easy ones: What time to wake your kids up for school? Which food is least likely to be snubbed by your family? Then there are more challenging ones:  Which school your child should attend? Is 12 to young for a cell phone?  

Then there are difficult decisions that we struggle with, and that can lead to a catatonic state of procrastination.

Financial decisions top the list of items that people put off making decisions on1, particularly when it comes to purchasing life insurance.  The truth is, it may be something we don’t want to think about but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

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The Role of Life Insurance in Estate Planning

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What is “estate planning”?

The word “estate” most likely drums up pictures of affluent individuals like the Bill Gates or Warren Buffets of the world, but whether you think it or not, you have an estate.  Your estate is comprised of everything you own, from your car, home, bank account and investments, to your grandmothers wedding rings you inherited and your personal collection of classic movies.  

No matter how large or how modest, everyone who owns property has an estate and something in common - you can’t take it with you when you die.

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Why Do I Need Life Insurance? [Video]

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 Young Couple

When you start thinking about your obligations, responsibilities and priorities, it’s only natural to think about whether you have done everything you possibly can to protect your family if the unexpected happens.  

Life insurance is a tool that can help provide your family with financial protection.  

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Do You Need Life Insurance?



Friends in a Park

At some point in time, you will most likely consider whether you need life insurance.

To help decide, start by asking yourself - if you died today, would someone suffer financially because of your death?

If the answer to this question is “yes” – then you probably need life insurance.

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Critical Illness Insurance - A Living Benefit

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Young family

The early roots of life insurance in Canada can be traced back over two centuries.  However, the concept of critical illness insurance – a product to help people cover expenses associated with critical illness – was not developed until the late 1990s.

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A Different Approach to Help Canadians Get Life Insurance

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The dumbest way to die is without life insurance.

Set fire to your hair, poke a stick at a grizzly bear…. These are certainly dumb ways to die but the Dumbest Way to Die is without Life Insurance.™  This is the theme of the latest consumer advertising campaign from Empire Life and it is a very different approach for an insurance company to use to encourage Canadians to start thinking about life insurance.  

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What Types of Life Insurance Are Available?

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One of the most bewildering aspects of life insurance is there seems to be so many types available - all with their own unique, and sometimes confusing, product names depending on the insurance company offering the product.

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Why Women Need Life Insurance Now More Than Ever

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Three Women Sitting Review a Document 

As Canadian women continue to be a strong driving force in the economy, their need for life insurance increases.  

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? [Video]

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Most Canadians agree that life insurance is important and that they want to provide income protection for their loved ones in case the unexpected happens.  A common question for many is, “How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?” 

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