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Choosing a Life Insurance Product
What's the difference between Term and Permanent Life Insurance?
What's the difference between Empire Life Simplified Issue and Empire Life Fully Underwritten Term Life Insurance?
1 The quotation provided sets out the initial premium for either Empire Life Simplified 10 or Simplified 20 term life insurance, as selected by you, based on the sex, smoking status, age and coverage amount indicated and assumes you are in good health. Initial premiums are guaranteed for the first term only. Premiums will increase at each renewal and are not guaranteed for any subsequent renewal term until set by Empire Life. This quote is valid for 48 hours.

This quote is only for Empire Life Simplified 10 or Simplified 20 term life insurance. You may have other insurance needs and we recommend that you discuss your overall insurance needs with an advisor. This quote is based on the information provided and assumes you are in good health. It is not a guarantee or an offer of insurance. To purchase insurance, you will need to complete and submit an application for approval. If you are approved and purchase insurance, the premiums, terms, conditions and coverage amount will be as outlined in the insurance contract.