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Strategic diversification to meet your financial goals

Empire Life Canoe Portfolio GIFs are segregated funds that can help you reach your financial goals by maintaining a long-term strategic allocation and combining the expertise of two Canadian investment management firms, Empire Life Investments and Canoe Financial.

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Reasons to invest in Empire Life Canoe Portfolio GIFs:

Diversification in an Instant

Diversification in an Instant chart


Empire Life Canoe Portfolio GIFs: Construction, suitability and solution

  Empire Life Canoe Conservative Portfolio GIF* Empire Life Canoe Balanced Portfolio GIF* Empire Life Canoe Moderate Growth Portfolio GIF*
Target Asset Mix 70% Fixed Income and 30% Equity 50% Fixed Income and 50% Equity 30% Fixed Income and 70% Equity
Investor Profile Wants capital preservation with modest growth Wants growth balanced with protection Wants growth with some protection from volatility
Solution Higher exposure to fixed income means less volatility but with some growth potential. Provides an equal blend of fixed income and equities.

Greater exposure to equities but with some fixed income to provide a buffer against volatility. 

* This is the marketing name for the fund. The fund’s legal name excludes “Empire Life” and “GIF” and includes “Canoe EL” at the start and “Protection Portfolio” at the end of its name.

Diversifying investment expertise

You can invest with confidence knowing that Empire Life Canoe Portfolio GIFs combine the strengths of Empire Life Investments, with a track record of managing segregated funds for over 50 years and Canoe Financial, one of Canada’s fastest-growing independent mutual fund companies.

Canoe Financial

Canoe Financial LP is one of Canada’s fastest growing independent mutual fund companies managing over $12.8 billion1 in assets across a diversified range of award-winning mutual funds, private energy equity products and institutional mandates. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canoe Financial is an employee-owned investment management firm who believes in being highly accessible to investors. Canoe’s award-winning investment team are proven performers in the most widely held mutual fund categories. Canoe Financial has a significant presence across Canada, including offices in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

Empire Life Investments

The Empire Life Investments Inc. team is made up of experienced professionals with specific expertise, skills and knowledge. Our team-based approach is at the core of how we manage money. We believe sharing ideas leads to better investment decisions and ensures the continuity and stability of our funds and their performance. The team manages Canadian, U.S. and international equities, balanced and fixed-income investments.

Why Empire Life segregated funds?

Segregated funds are available only through insurance companies as an investment option within certain types of insurance policies. The policy can provide valuable benefits, including the security of insurance guarantees.

Key features and benefits:

  • Growth and Protection. Maturity and death benefit guarantees offer capital protection from 75% to 100%2 of net deposits. Automatic annual death benefit resets provide the ability to lock in gains.
  • Estate planning made easier. For non-registered investments, you can avoid probate and estate fees and provide an efficient transfer of assets to your named beneficiary.
  • Built-in business protection. Being an insurance contract, segregated funds may offer creditor protection in specific scenarios. 

1 As at December 31, 2022.
2 Guarantees are reduced proportionately by withdrawals.
3 Final reset on Annuitant’s 80th birthday.

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