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MyEmpire is a safe and secure way to access your Empire Life insurance and investment policy information online! 


Have an investment policy? 

NEW: You can now access basic policy information on your annuities such as your coverage and payment details.

You can view your policiy information online:

  • Daily market values of your funds
  • Net growth and transaction details
  • Your death and maturity guarantee amounts
  • Payment details such as pre-authorized deposits or RRIF  withdrawal amounts, dates and frequency
  • Relationships such as your beneficiaries 
  • Your advisor’s name and contact information
  • Verify, and update your residential address and phone number

Want online access to account documents? 

  • Download your investment statements and tax documents
  • Sign up for electronic investment statements and we’ll email you when your eStatements are ready 

Have an Insurance policy? 

NEW: MyEmpire now shows more details for Whole Life Insurance policies and Universal Life Insurance policies:

You can view your information online:

  • policy cash values, dividend options and details, and where applicable the investment options and coverages, and loan details.
  • Who's covered and how much for each life insured 
  • Important dates such as the term renewal date and next payment
  • Payment details such as premium payment, frequency and amount
  • Relationships such as your beneficiaries
  • Your advisor’s name and contact information
  • Verify, and update your residential address and phone number




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register for myempire

How to register for MyEmpire

Before you begin, find your policy number from a recent statement or policy confirmation sent by Empire Life and read through the steps below.

  1. Click on the “Register Now” button above and create a username and password.


  • Each policy owner must have a separate email (including for joint policies)
  • Email used should not be the same one used to access other Empire Life portals (e.g. Advisor or Group Admin portal)

Username & password:

  • Each policy owner must create a unique username and password (including for joint policies)
  • There should be no spaces or special characters for the username
  • The username is not case-sensitive
  1. Once the username and password are set up, you will receive a verification email from Empire Life. Click on the link in the email to verify your account.
  2. Login to MyEmpire using your username and password and complete your profile with first name, last name, date of birth, postal code (that we have on file) and your policy number.

Need help logging in? Call 1 800 561-1268