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Option Plus Group RSP

Empire Life Option Plus Group RSP is a flexible retirement savings plan for small businesses. It is designed for groups with a minimum of two members and total annual plan contributions of at least $10,000.

There are no set-up or annual administration fees.

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How Option Plus Group RSP works

Empire Life Option Plus Group RSP can be set up for a minimum of two members, without any set-up and annual administration fees. Plan members can choose from Empire Life segregated fund investments and interest investments to meet their investment needs.

Contributions are optional by both employers and plan members, but must be at least $30 per contributor for regular monthly deposits and $500 for lump-sum deposits. Total annual plan contributions must be at least $10,000.

Key Features and Benefits

Investment solutions to meet your needs
We offer a simple choice of no-load segregated funds. Our funds are managed using a disciplined, value-oriented investment philosophy, with the goal of building and protecting your wealth. 

Our interest investments include a Treasury Interest Option (TIO) with daily interest rates and Guaranteed Interest Options (GIOs) with terms from one to 10 years and flexible half-year terms.

Protection from market downturns
As with all Empire Life individual policies, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your net deposits* to segregated funds are protected through our maturity and death benefit guarantees.

Your Option Plus Segregated Fund benefit guarantees are:

  • Upon death - 100% of net deposits made up to the plan anniversary nearest age 65 and 75% of net deposits made after the plan anniversary nearest age 65
  • Upon maturity - 75% of net deposits

Bonus features of Option Plus Group RSP
With the Option Plus Group RSP you can take advantage of

  • Enhanced GIO rates - with Option Plus Group RSP, you get an automatic interest rate enhancement of 0.125% or 0.250% above our regular GIO rates
  • En­hanced Empire Life Annuity rates - any Option Plus Group RSP deposits that have been in the plan for at least two full years, qualify for en­hanced Empire Life Annuity rates

Benefits for employers
Option Plus Group RSP can provide a retirement savings solution that can build employee loyalty, at no added administration cost to you. We provide you and your employees with quarterly fund performance mailings and semi-annual client statements.

Benefits for employees
Participating in an Option Plus Group RSP is an easy way to save for retirement through payroll contributions of as little as $30 a month. You can enjoy an immediate tax benefit since your RSP contributions can be made before any tax is deducted from your pay.

You can also capitalize on the purchasing power of a group and have access to the group's advisor to build a personalized investment strategy.


Any amount that is allocated to a Segregated Fund is invested at the risk of the Owner and may increase or decrease in value.
*Net deposits is the total of all deposits you make to the segregated funds, less any withdrawals or transfers out of the funds

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