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Empire Life Multi-Strategy GIFs provide exposure to exchange traded funds (ETFs) and actively managed investments from third-party managers within one segregated fund solution.

The portfolio construction and monitoring process is a multi-step process that blends quantitative and qualitative analysis. The goal of the process is to protect investor capital in turbulent markets while still participating in the upside when markets rally.


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  1. Quantitative Analysis identifies potential high quality investment candidates by comparing them to an appropriate benchmark and how they have performed in different market environments. This helps narrow the focus on those investments that have the most potential to deliver above average returns.
  2. Qualitative Analysis takes a deep dive into the investment’s management team, investment process including idea generation, buy and sell criteria, and risk management to help identify which funds’ performance was the result of the manager being lucky or skilled.
  3. To find the right mix of passive and active investments with the highest level of expected return for that level of risk, the funds are “stress tested”, re-worked and re-tested until the optimal risk and return profile is achieved.
  4. The funds are monitored on an ongoing basis and changes are only made if they improve the risk/reward profile of the fund.