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Critical Illness & Disability

While advances in medicine have significantly increased the chances of surviving a critical illness, recovery may come at significant financial costs. Empire Life offers a broad range of Critical Illness options to ensure companies have the flexibility to choose the right product to help protect their plan members’ financial health.

Weekly Indemnity or Short-Term Disability benefits are designed to help replace a plan member’s lost income should they be unable to work due to an accident or illness.

Long Term Disability assists plan members with income replacement if they are off work due to an injury or illness. In the event of a disability, our claims experts deploy the right resources at the right time by utilizing industry-leading solutions designed to achieve the best outcomes for plan members and their employers. Some of our innovative tools include:

  • Pharmacogenomics
    Pharmacogenomics provides our claim managers the ability to offer a service to disabled members to assist their physician in prescribing the medications that will deliver the greatest benefit based on the member's genetic makeup. Having the ability to connect a member with this service, allows their physician to help them connect to the right medications sooner, allowing Empire Life to help the member return to work in a shorter time frame.
  • Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT)
    Mental health presents a significant challenge for many Canadians, and is the leading cause of disability in Canada*. Due to the complex nature of mental health disability claims, the ability to deliver the right type of help where and when it is needed can be critical to a member's recovery. iCBT is virtual delivery of therapy, this virtual aspect ensures that if a member is hesitant to leave their home, or resides in a rural area, access to treatment is available.  *Source: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health -
  • The Claims Lab
    Predictive analytics has been part of Empire Life’s disability toolkit for several years. The data being leveraged is designed to help our claims team align the most appropriate resources based on a claimant’s needs. To build our data set, surveys are provided to members and their employers. These surveys help our claims managers get a 360 degree view of a member’s home and work life which can include information that may not be incorporated in the medical documentation. Having a more complete understanding of the psychosocial factors that may be impacting a member helps our claims team to be more exact with the resources needed to assist the member in returning to work.