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Searching the globe for the best medical care

If an employee needs to see a specialist outside of Canada, the FIndBestCare team will coordinate a search of their global database of over 50,000 physicians in more than 450 specialties and subspecialties to find the expert(s) best suited to an employee’s needs. Once their research is complete, they provide the employee with a comprehensive physician-search report that includes biographies and credentials, consult fees (if available), necessary information to be completed for a referral and approximate wait times for the next available appointment.1 They provide up to three recommendations for leading physicians.

How this benefits employees 

Specialist or Treatment Access
In communities where there is limited access to specialists or where an employee needs a treatment not yet available in the Canada, Best Doctors can help locate specialists outside of Canada.

If an employee is travelling over an extended period and requires follow-up appointments outside of Canada, Best Doctors can identify specialists in the area.

Wait Times
Employees have a resource for locating specialists outside of Canada where wait times may be shorter.

1 Best Doctors does not make referrals or appointments for members or arrange or cover the cost of travel, lodging or treatment.