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Unless specifically stated otherwise, all software downloads are self-extracting!

To download, double-click on the text below the icon and choose "Save this program to disk". Note the computer directory that you will be saving the file to. On completion of the download, double click on the saved file to start the installation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience problems trying to run an install from a downloaded file (for example, you get an error like Windows cannot access device, file or path when trying to run a downloaded install file, or install file on CD), you can do one of the following:

Temporarily disable your anti-virus program before running any installations. Some anti-virus programs block installs from happening. After the installation is done please be sure to re-enable your anti-virus program, to ensure your computer continues to be protected.


Set your anti-virus program to trust any downloads from the following Empire Life web download sites: .  The steps involved to do that vary by anti-virus program, please consult the Help section or the User's Guide of your anti-virus program.

Click here to access our NEW eVision Insurance Illustrator™  or click here to learn more

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  • Envision 13.2a - Life and Critical Illness Illustrator 
    • Install (Non-current and new installations)
  • ADDCALC.NET for Envision Life and Critical Illness Illustrator
  • Investment Illustrator (Class Plus [GWB])
  • Forms and Documents


New SimpleQuote Solution Series illustration app for iPad and iPhone is available on the Apple iTunes store. The password to install the app is: EMPIRE10001 (case sensitive)