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Our paperless, online application – Fast & Full Investment – is simple, making it easy and convenient for you to do Guaranteed Interest Contract (GIC) business with us! Plus, an Empire Life GIC offers competitive rates and account structures to meet clients’ long and short-term investment objectives, while providing them with estate planning and tax efficiency benefits.

Key Information:

  • Our Fast and Full Investment online application is fast and easy
  • Variety of interest options and investment terms
  • Enhanced rates based on client’s total contract value
  • Competitive rates
  • Client and nominee name accounts1
  • Valuable insurance benefits  
    • Estate planning – bypass probate and estate settlement process
    • Tax advantages for non-registered accounts
    • Potential creditor protection
  • Investment protection through Assuris

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Marketing Materials for Clients

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1. Nominee name is not available on non-registered contracts