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Please use these as your first line of contact. If necessary, your inquiry or concern will be forwarded to the appropriate underwriter.

Insurance Customer Service 


Underwriting fax


Email replies to

Pending Policy Status requests to

Your Underwriting Team


Stephanie Wisniewski, Director of Retail Operations

Michelle Van Luven, Underwriting Manager

Michelle Ferguson, Chief Underwriter

Ashley Paul, Senior Technical Lead


Kingston (877) 548-1881

Adam Shepherd, Senior Underwriting Analyst 

Alison Irvine, Senior Underwriter

Amy Houghton, Senior Underwriter

Amy Twofoot, Underwriting Specialist

Anne Bown, Underwriting Specialist

Bernadette Garrah, Underwriting Trainee

Catriona Robertson, Senior Underwriting Consultant **

Donna McKinley, Underwriting Specialist

Fine Levan, Senior Underwriter**

Iman Kalo, Underwriting Trainee

Kate Bloom, Underwriting Specialist

Liz Thurston, Senior Underwriting Analyst 

Morgan McHaffie, Underwriting Specialist

Sarah Hogeboom, Senior Underwriting Analyst 

Scott Napier, Intermediate Underwriter**

Smita Kurian, Underwriting Specialist

Tshimanga Bukasa, Intermediate Underwriter**

Montréal (800) 371-9151

Jean-Sébastien Pelletier, Underwriter Specialist**

Jimmy Chengebroyen, Senior Underwriter **

Lena Han, Intermediate Underwriter**

Melissa Bernique, Senior Underwriter **

Reina Tucker, Underwriting Specialist **

Sabrina Mezzacappa, Intermediate  Underwriter**

Skander Nefkha-Bahri, Intermediate Underwriter**

Sylvia Jankowski, Senior Underwriter**

Yasmina Benamar, Senior Underwriter**